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The Basics of Law

The amount of work that goes into practising law often goes un-thanked. Learn about a key part of the Barristers' and Solicitor's oath that makes it so that many who are planning on joining this profession not only see it as their job, but their duty.


Barristers: What Does it Take?

Barristers are at the mercy of their own intelligence when it comes to their job. They depend on a good reputation to help them get jobs, but they also need proper schooling before being able to drape on the robes that they so highly esteem.


Solicitors: What's the Difference?

Solicitors have some of the same training, but they generally work for law firms while barristers work on their own. They are, however, just as informed in legal matters and often give barristers their trusted input on a case when they refer court cases to the barrister.


Legal Professions

Barristers and solicitors, together the Canadian legal profession is made. Operating differently in traditions, trainings, and organizations, they carry on separate roles. If you mistakenly confuse the two professions in front of one of them, you would be quickly corrected. Yet they work together in helping the law.