Important Considerations For Choosing A Personal Injury Lawyer

Many people assume that choosing a lawyer to handle their personal injury lawsuits is a process fraught with difficulty and uncertainty. However, as long as the following considerations are kept in mind, screening for potential candidates is not as difficult as it sometimes seems:

What is the Lawyer’s Track Record?

One of the most important considerations for choosing a personal injury lawyer is their record of successful verdicts. After all, you may not want a personal injury lawyer who has a poor track record of winning settlements for their clients.

Before allowing any personal injury lawyer to take on your case, you should ask whether he or she has handled similar cases to yours and about the outcome of those previous cases. If their track record for successful settlements does not inspire confidence, then it’s usually a good idea to look elsewhere.

Also keep in mind that some law firms may delegate your case to another, sometimes less experienced lawyer. It’s also normal for multiple attorneys to work on a single case, with less experienced lawyers tasked with handling mundane functions. It’s a good idea to request a meeting with all of the lawyers tasked with working your case.

Representation or Defense?

Most personal injury lawyers work as “plaintiffs’ lawyers,” representing clients who have suffered serious injuries due to another person’s negligence or malfeasance. Plaintiffs’ lawyers work on behalf of the injured party to obtain financial compensation for their injuries and losses.

On the other hand, many personal injury lawyers also work in defense of individuals and organizations deemed legally responsible for someone’s injury or loss. For instance, if you are a small business owner and someone suffers a serious injury on your property, you’ll need a personal injury lawyer who is experienced in defending clients from those lawsuits.

Choose a Lawyer Who Works on Contingency

Too many people assume that they can’t seek the services of a personal injury lawyer unless they are ready and able to pay up front. However, that’s not the case – many personal injury lawyers often work on a contingency fee basis.

What that means is you don’t have to pay any expenses or fees related to your case up front. Instead, your lawyer is only compensated in the event you recover a settlement. If you win, your lawyer receives an agreed-upon percentage of the settlement. If you lose, your lawyer does not receive any compensation.

This arrangement not only encourages you to seek compensation in the event of a serious injury caused by malfeasance or neglect regardless of your financial condition, but it also ensures that your lawyer works with your best interest at heart.

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