2 Challenges You May Face After A Divorce

According to data collected during the 2006 Census, 4 in 10 first marriages in Canada end in divorce. These statistics suggest that it is important for citizens to understand some of the unique challenges associated with life after divorce.

If you are in the midst of the divorce process, take the time to learn about these 2 challenges you may have to overcome once your marriage is dissolved.

1.  Sudden Lack Of Connections

Social ties play an important role in the lives of many. For married couples, these social ties are often formed through mutual acquaintances. When your marriage ends, many of your spouse’s co-workers, family members, and friends will also be cut from your life.

Try using these strategies to help you rebuild your social network once your divorce has been finalized:

  • Look up old school acquaintances. The introduction of social networking websites has made it easier than ever before to locate past friends. You can also contact schools you have attended in the past to obtain information on reunions or alumni meetings you may be able to participate in. Reconnecting with old friends is a great way to begin rebuilding your social network.  
  • Volunteer for a charity event. Spending time as a volunteer can be the perfect way to meet people who share similar interests. When you volunteer to work a charity event you have the added satisfaction that comes from knowing you are helping to make a difference while taking the opportunity to network with other volunteers and guests.

2.  Sudden Need To Re-Enter The Labor Market

If you spent a significant amount of time without employment during your marriage, you may find that your divorce necessitates re-entry into the labor market. Finding employment after a long absence from work activities can be difficult, but you can use these strategies to help you overcome any obstacles you may encounter:

  • Consider taking a part-time job. Although the money and prestige associated with part-time work may not be what you are looking for, these jobs allow you to list recent work experience on your resume. You also have the opportunity to generate income while you continue to search for more suitable work.  
  • Identify your interests, and then seek certification. Identifying an area in which you want to work can be difficult, especially for those who have been out of the labor market for an extended period of time. When you take the time to identify your interests, you will be able to return to school to pursue certifications that will allow you to become qualified to work in an area you are interested in. This prevents you from wasting time and energy in pursuit of a position you won’t enjoy.

Few people take the time to realize the challenges that they may face once their divorce is complete. By understanding the obstacles you might face in the future, you will be better prepared to thrive in the aftermath of divorce.

If you are in the middle of a divorce, you will also want to make sure to hire a good divorce lawyer to help you navigate the proceedings. For more information, contact First West Law LLP or a similar firm.

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