Things Every Prospective Adoptive Parent Should Know

Are you thinking about adopting a child? Whatever your reasons and whether you’re planning to adopt a baby, a toddler, or an older child, there are a few things you should know about adoption before you embark on this process.

Domestic Vs. International Adoptions

There are many different ways to adopt a child. Likewise, there are many different places from which you can adopt that child. For instance, you may choose to adopt a child within Canada or internationally. There are adoption agencies specializing in each type of adoption. However, in most cases, adopting domestically is cheaper and easier. A domestic adoption can usually be performed with help solely from the adoption agency and a good lawyer who specializes in family and adoption law.

International adoptions, on the other hand, typically require communicating with an agency both here and in the child’s home country. There is also immigration paperwork to be filled out and other important citizenship documents to obtain. A quality lawyer can still be of great use to you, but the process of international adoption is definitely more involved and more time-consuming, so just be aware of these facts if you choose that particular option.

Be Prepared for Potential Problems

If you choose to adopt an older child, be aware that there may be some difficulty transitioning. While plenty of older children are thrilled at the prospect of being adopted, the transition is still daunting, confusing, and emotionally difficult. As such, patience and understanding is of the utmost importance. It is highly suggested that families bringing older children into the fold find a good family counselor to assist every member in dealing with the change. The lawyer who handled your adoption is often a great resource for finding counselor recommendations.

There may also be some developmental delays or educational-related setbacks as well. Working with the child’s new teacher and coming up with a plan to help the child succeed is a great start to overcoming any of these issues. Overcoming challenges can be a truly positive thing, however. In fact, it’s often in these early stages, when issues and snares are being worked out, that newly formed families first start to feel and behave like actual families.

Financial Help is Out There

It should come as no surprise that adopting can be quite expensive. Don’t let the cost keep you from having the family you’ve always wanted! If you don’t have the money to pay for an adoption, know that there are financial resources out there, and your attorney can likely point you in the direction of some of them. Whether you take out a loan, use employment benefits to help make the adoption process more affordable, or take advantage of scholarships or non-profit organizations designed to help families with the financial burden of adoption, anything you can do to create your family is well worth it!

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