4 Ways You Can Successfully Fight A Red Light Camera Ticket

Communities in many countries, including Canada, utilize red light cameras in an effort to catch drivers in the act of running a red light. If you receive a ticket in the mail, your first inclination may be to pay the fine to avoid any trouble. But, depending on the circumstances, you may be able to successfully challenge the ticket in court.

These are some common ways to fight a red light camera ticket:

1. The photo

Since red light camera tickets are taken when a car is moving, the image may be very blurry. If the photo doesn’t definitively show that you were driving the car, you can bring this up in court. You have to be careful with this defence, though, because you can’t lie in court. That would be perjury and would land you in much more trouble. But it’s up to the prosecution to prove that you were driving the car, and if they can’t do that, you could have what amounts to reasonable doubt.

2. The accuracy of the camera

Red light cameras rely on technology, which sometimes malfunctions. Do the cameras have to be tested regularly? If so, how often? Does law enforcement personnel or the prosecutor have these records to verify that the cameras have been tested?

Officials may not even be aware that a camera isn’t working properly. In the United States, the Chicago Tribune newspaper found that for weeks, Chicago’s red light cameras showed alarming deviations. One camera, for example, triggered an average of one ticket a day, and then suddenly spiked to 56 a day for two weeks. The average then returned to normal. Chicago officials were unsure of the reason behind the problems. They didn’t even know there was a problem until the newspaper pointed it out to them.

3. The length of time the light stays yellow

Sometimes you’ll hear a person say that the yellow light changed too quickly to red. He or she may be right. Some governments have shortened the length that a traffic light stays yellow, straying from recommended standards. This has resulted in a windfall for the communities in question, as more and more red light tickets are issued.

If this is the case in your community, you may be able to challenge the ticket by arguing that the light changed from yellow to red too quickly.

4. You didn’t receive proper notice

What period of time went by from the time you went through the intersection until you received the ticket?

If it was too long, you may not be able to fairly defend yourself, because you may no longer have a clear recollection of the circumstances. You may not even remember who was driving the car.

A defence attorney experienced in traffic tickets—such as Beat That Traffic Ticket Inc—can help ensure that you’re properly represented in court and have the best possible chance to fight the charge against you.

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