About Ethen Mikkelson

My mother swears that I was born talking, and I might’ve been but up until fourteen weeks she wasn’t able understand very much of what I said. After that, however, I began to talk. A lot. And by talk I mean argue. I had an older sister who was much quieter than me, and didn’t start talking until she was around two. Not because she’s slower, in fact it was probably the opposite –she was smarter. She knew that pointing to things was just as efficient as asking for them so she didn’t see the need to speak.

Then I got old enough to start taking her stuff. Suddenly we both had to figure out how to explain to our mother whose fault it was that something had been taken, why a hit had been made, or how something had been broken. By the time I was 16 my mother started pushing me to debate club after school. This way I would have an outlet instead of taking my need to talk out on my sister. I have loved learning about law ever since. I’ve been trying to decide if I wanted to go into becoming a barrister or a solicitor and then decided that others might be curious to learn about all the things I’ve learned, so I started this blog.